7 Basic Steps to Write a Good Essay

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Most of us assume that essay writing is a fun activity. But actually, it is not as easy as it seems. We are asked to write an essay on a topic at multiple stages in our lives. Essay writing demands a lot of creativity, attention, and thoughtfulness. We all know that essay writing is an easy task for some people. Most people are persistent with the language. They know well how to use words and present them in a mannered form. As a result, they can write excellent essays without any difficulty.

On the other hand, we usually are familiar with some people who do not know how to play with words. They do not understand how they can use their thoughts while writing. It has been noticed that they feel a certain hesitation whenever someone asks them to write an essay, even on a general topic. The best solution for all such sorts of people is that they must practice writing. It is said universally that writing is something that every person cannot learn until or unless they practice it.

If you are worried about your essay writing skills and wish to improve them, you should keep reading this guide.

Steps That Everyone Should Remember While Writing an Essay

We have written this guide, especially for those who want to write a good essay. Therefore, in this piece of writing, we have come up with a list of 7 basic steps. If you keep remembering these steps while writing, you will be able to write an essay that will be appreciated and acknowledged by every reader.

It does not matter what type of topic you get to write an essay. What really matters how you write is. For example, which style do you pick out to explain your thoughts, and which words use choose while writing. Besides all this, there are other a few straightforward but highly essential elements that every essay writer should keep their focus on while writing. If these points get neglected while writing, then the writing will surely lose its worth, and as a result, no one will like to read it.

For your help, the list of necessary steps is given here.

1.   Analyze the Audience

The first and foremost important step in writing an essay is to analyze the audience. Before writing an essay, you have to be very clear about whom you are writing it. Understanding your audience and readers will help you use the right tone and pick the proper terminologies and words. In addition, it can help make your essays more effective and engaging.

2.   Make Research About the Topic

Every time people are assigned to write essays on random but universal topics. Whenever you get an essay topic, this is a compulsion for you to do intense research about the topic first. Explore the topic profoundly and try to gather the data and information as much as possible. The research will surely help you to write a good essay. So, study the topic in detail before starting writing an essay.

3.   Try to Use Unique Ideas

Once you are assigned a topic, try to brainstorm your topic. You cannot write a good essay until or unless you build an idea about it. Also, when a person thinks about writing an essay, a bundle of new and innovative concepts comes in front of the vision that can provide you with a great helping hand in doing unique writing. To write a good essay, use a pen and paper and write all those thoughts circulating in your mind.

4.   Make an Outline of the Essay

An essay cannot be written up to an introduction, body, and conclusion. The beginning always carries the most vital point of the entire essay. In the body, a writer gets the opportunity to write the full but relevant details. Last but not least, in conclusion, a reader gets the full summary of an essay and its real meaning.

5.   Give Reasons to Support the Topic

Every person should write a topic using clear points. People should give the right reasons in the context of the topic if they want to write an engaging essay. A well-written essay always influences the readers and audience. That is why an essay should be based on accurate details only.

6.   Write Short and Clear Sentences

An engaging essay is always based on short and clear sentences. So every sentence has to be crystal clear. Also, an essay only gets appreciation from others if it does not have any errors. So make sure the essay does not have any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or other mistakes.

7.   Ensure the Uniqueness

Every essay has to be plagiarism-free. Plagiarism is bad for every type of essay or writing. So while writing an essay, make sure it does not have any duplication or copied content in it. Using an online plagiarism checker a writer can check plagiarism free and ensure the uniqueness of essays. If plagiarism is detected the writer has to make it unique before using it.

 Summing It Up

Writing an essay is a dreaded task. But if you follow the above-discussed steps, then the essay writing process will become super simple for you. However, besides all these steps, you should keep remembering that you cannot write an essay until you do not practice it. 

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