The Essential Tricks for Passing IB Maths Tests Successfully

IB exam

Getting a perfect score on the IB exam is the ideal goal for most students. However, data shows that only 270 out of 167,000 students globally manage to get the perfect score. With a pass rate of more than 85%, a good chunk of the students mostly gets a pass.

What can you do,then, to be among the top 270?

You can use these key tricks to better prepare for your IB math tests.

Study Consistently Well Before Your Final Test

Never leave studying until the last minute. Studying at the last minute only forces you to cram content instead of understanding the concepts being taught and applying them correctly in the math problem.

Instead of dealing with the last-minute rush, set up an allocated time daily to study one or two IB math topics. A regular study timetable, months away from your final test, will give you ample time to gauge your performance, work on weak areas, and handle other extra-curricular activities.

Review Regularly Your Study Guide and Classroom Notes

Your study guide and classroom notes are great resources to make your revision easier. Ensure you’re consistently revisiting them as you prepare for your IB math exam. Also, ensure that you’re paying close attention during classes to write down the most comprehensive classroom notes for revision.

Your study guide plus formula booklet will help you know what IB math topics will be in the exam and the areas in these topics you need to focus on.

Get a Tutor

Sometimes, the content provided in the classroom may not be enough to make you understand the concepts being taught. Other times, you may have trouble comprehending what your assigned teacher presents in the classroom. Getting a tutor is a great option at this point.

A tutor helps digest incomprehensible conceptsto have you better prepared for your test. This tutor may be a former IB math student or a teacher tutoring a different class. IB tutoring also gives you one-on-one contact that you rarely get in the classroom. One-on-one contact allows you to ask more questions and get better help in the areas you are struggling.

Focus on The Material You Do Not Understand

You need to be honest with yourself and note the areas you’re struggling with the most in your IB math coursework. These are the topics that will hurt your grade. Start working on these weaknesses early enough and get any help necessary from your tutor, teacher, and classmates.

The IB maths study guide can help you determine how well you’ve dealt with your weaknesses in the subject. You can also slot in extra time in your study timetable to focus on these troublesome areas.

Use Online Resources

The more IB math content you can access, the better prepared you’ll be for the test. There are amazing online resources that you can use to give yourself an edge over other students.

For instance, these online resources come with past IB math exams with video solutions to prepare you for what to expect. There are also IB math practice exams for general practice, exam question banks for further practice, andsummary videos covering key concepts in IB math.

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