Important facts on cryptocurrency and Earnity’s Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa

Dan Schatt

As the executives of Earnity, Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa have created a social crypto platform and marketplace that is unlike anything that exists today, users can expect a highly secure, easy-to-use app for buying, selling, and holding crypto and DeFi assets. The company also offers access to the world of decentralized finance via the super simple and very intuitive Earnity platform. 

 Despite its popularity, cryptocurrency is still relatively unknown to many people. Here are some crucial facts about cryptocurrency, or crypto:

  • Crypto is purely digital, which is a big part of its appeal.
  • Crypto can be and is being used to buy products and services online.
  • Governments or financial institutions do not regulate crypto.
  • The value of crypto can be volatile, which makes it a risky purchase.
  • Crypto is becoming increasingly popular to people looking to buy.
  • Crypto can be used to store value like traditional currencies.
  • The technology behind crypto is called blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world of finance.
  • Blockchain technology is, in theory, limited.
  • Bitcoin is the most popular crypto. 
  • Crypto is not just for geeks and techies; anyone can use it!
  • Crypto is still in its infancy, but there is a lot of potential for growth in this area!
  • Crypto has been a hot topic for a few years now, and there is a lot of speculation surrounding them.
  • While the value of crypto can be volatile, which makes them a risky purchase, the rewards can be HUGE.
  • Bitcoin has a market capitalization of over $137 billion as of October 2017.

Learn more about cryptocurrency by keeping yourself up to date on the latest news and visiting various websites such as Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa’sEarnity.

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