Features of Cloud Accounting Software 

Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting software is accounting software that is hosted on a remote server. The users save the data on the cloud where it is processed and transmitted back to them.

You can access it through the internet or any other network on a cloud application software.

Everyone in the company can have access to the software on their gadgets. Hence, companiesno longer have to install individual desktops with software installed on them. The same data on the cloud can be accessed by your remote team using the same version of the software.

Cloud accounting software: Features

Below listed are some excellent features offered by App4Rent –

  1. Manage your business easily

The cloud-based software allows you to work in your comfort zone as you can access your QuickBooks data with the help of Hosted Virtual Cloud Desktop service from anywhere and at any time. The complex charts and business analytics tool provide the best combination for financial management and scaling.

  • Track your expenses

You can track all your payments for taxation purposes even using the mobile app. This will allow businesses to maintain aclear record of the finances because playing with the working capital is similar to playing with fire. One incorrect step and heavy losses are incurred, leading to a significant loss in the working capital.

  • Position of your business

The tool allows you to track the current position of your business with the help of dashboards and customizable reports. The real-time tracking facility is one of a type and try it out yourself to get a taste of scaling up your business using Cloud Accounting Software. This will make your position of superiority over your competitors, through the correct use of advanced software like Cloud Computing, which has become a necessity in this digital era, where every business is hosted online.

  • Create and Send Invoices

Create and send professional invoices, purchase orders, custom and sale receipts and estimates that you can send in a few minutes. QuickBooks Enterprise Web Hosting has features to automate business accounting to help prevent performing mechanical repetitive tasks, and also spend the time productively. Automating prevents errors like double-entry or data entry errors, which lead to important losses if not identified.

  • Control your cash flow

Enter bills from vendors and pay them simply when they are due. Schedule payments don’t only save time but enable you to keep control of your cash flow. Cloud Accounting software helps track account payable or accounts receivable with ease, hence easing the unnecessary burden of maintaining records mechanically.

  • Tech Support

The most useful feature of cloud-based accounting software is access to tech support. You can access tech support through telephone or chat and get instant help from technical professionals available who will walk you through any issues you might have with the cloud-based software. Experts are present 24/7 to provide chat as well as call assistance in case any issue is faced in any of the features. This is extremely important because the guidance of such experts can optimize your dashboard, helping you make your decisions with more ease.


Success comes to those that take flexible steps. In the evolving technological world, accounting firms must fast adapt to advancements to maintain their pace. An ideal way to do so is to execute the best accounting software for small businesses and large ventures. QuickBooks is the #1 accounting software for various businesses. Apps4Rent is an intuit authorized QuickBooks hosting provider which helps thousands of clients. They are even experts in providing IT consultation to businesses that require help in migration services such as O365 Tenant to Tenant Migration. They work with businesses from many different industries across the United States. 

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