The Sun’s Work: 5 Major Solar Technology Applications

More than 2,000 renewable energy-related patents are filed every year. Many of these have to do with solar technology. Revolutionary new uses and applications for solar panels happen all the time.

They will shape our future and make energy production more efficient and clean than it ever has been before. So what are some emerging solar technology trends, and what can you expect to see at a store near you soon?

Read all about five major solar technology applications right here with this handy guide. Here, we dive into some exciting new products and uses for solar energy that you can use in your daily life. Read on to find out more.

1. Solar Heaters

Solar heaters come in many different forms and functions. One option in solar heaters is the solar-powered space heater. This functional and semi-portable unit is ideal for heating small spaces; Try using one to heat your garage!

There are also solar water heaters to consider as well. These types of heaters allow you to heat all of your home’s hot water using the sun. There are active and passive heaters to consider.

2. Solar Transportation

There are tons of new solar transportation technologies emerging every year. Now you can find solar-powered trains, buses, cars, roads, boats, and bikes. There are even solar Tuk-Tuks! The solar transportation sector is still in its infancy.

As solar technology continues to get more efficient and battery technology grows more advanced, you can expect solar transport tech to take off. In the future, all of our transportation needs may be powered via the sun.

3. Portable Solar Technology

Portable solar panels are an exciting new sector of technology that can change how people power their devices on the go. Solar panels are great for powering your house. Blue Raven installation specialists can tell you more about these.

Did you know that there are also portable solar panels you can use to charge your devices while camping or during an emergency? The efficiency and price of these portable units vary, so do research about them before buying.

4. Solar-Powered Coolers

There are tons of different solar-powered coolers and refrigerators to choose from. Some are large units ideal for use in an off-grid household. Others are smaller units ideal for camping trips and concerts.

5. Solar Clothing

Solar clothing is an exciting new development in the world of solar energy. Scientists at Finland’s Aalto University recently developed solar microfibers that can be sewn into clothing.

With a mere four to six hours spent in the sun, the clothing on your back could be used to charge your smartphone to full capacity. Time will tell how advanced this technology becomes, but it should start appearing everywhere soon.

Solar Technology Is Ever-Changing

There are exciting new advances in the world of solar technology all the time, and some of them are now even products you can purchase. The five solar technological applications in this guide are only the beginning.

Use the information in this guide to find the best new solar products and technologies to help aid your daily life. For other fun and informative content like this, check back with our site again soon!

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