What Are the Different Types of Logos That Exist Today?

Types of Logos

According to Finances Online, logos are the most recognizable brand indicator. This proves the importance of having a perfect logo for your business. However, you may not know how to create one.  

One great way is to learn about the different types of logos and which businesses have used them effectively. Then, you can choose the logo type used by the businesses most like yours.

Read on to learn about four different logo types. 


Companies with rather lengthy full names will often shorten these into initials. These, and whatever font the company uses, make up a monogram or lettermark logo. Examples include NASA, IBM, and HBO. 

Making a longer name more manageable is not the only advantage of this logo. Many high-end and respected brands use it. Therefore, you can make people associate these traits with your brand.

The best logos of this type use a font that defines the business well. A technology company, for example, can use a font often associated with computers. How numbers appear in a digital clock is a good possibility here. 


A mascot is a character that represents a company. Mickey Mouse representing Disney and Colonel Sanders representing KFC are two such relationships. 

Often, using a mascot is a great way to appeal to children and/or families. You may have a product or service that depends heavily on selling to these groups. If so, consider using this marketing technique in your branding process. 

You can then incorporate your mascot into your logo. This will help further connect the character to your business as he or she connects to your audience. 


A pictorial mark can work similarly to a brand mark. However, instead of being a character that represents a business, it’s usually an object. Think of the bitten apple logo representing Apple or the lips and tongue logo representing the Rolling Stones. 

Smart brands that choose this logo will match the image with an aspect of their business. Matching the logo to their name, such as what Apple does with their apple, is one idea.

Another idea is to use the logo to match an emotion you want to be associated with your brand. Sticking out your tongue is usually a way to mock someone. As the Stones’ music is rather rebellious, this image represents the band well. 


A combination logo will give your business logo creator a workout. This logo type combines aspects of others. A good example of this includes Burger King with their burger buns around the company’s name. 

This design is excellent to use when you’ve just started. You can start by combining your company name with an image or mascot. Then, when your business has become more recognizable, you can rebrand with the picture alone. 

Also, this logo can be easier to trademark. An image and words are undoubtedly more unique than an image or word alone.

Love Learning About the Types of Logos?

Overall, choosing the right logo for your brand doesn’t have to be difficult. Think hard about what you want your business to be and how other businesses have created this effect. That should be enough.

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