Reasons why Community Involvement Is Good For Business

Community Involvement

why Community Involvement Is Good For Business

We very much live in an online and virtually-driven world.

Because of that, businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence and even those that are primarily online tend to underestimate how vital community involvement can be for their growth.

The reality is, being involved in the local community is essential not only for traditional marketing, but it can also improve your online presence, which is discussed more below.

Sometimes, we need to get back to the fundamentals in business to see beneficial changes.

For example, consider how far your message could travel if you were to sponsor a community event and give out promotional items as part of that.

People hold onto promotional items for an average of a year, so even when they don’t realize it, they’re going to be thinking about your business.

When they need your product or service, you’re going to be at the forefront of their mind.

What exactly is community involvement? It can come in many forms.

For example, if a natural disaster or adverse event impacts your community, you participate in recovery efforts.

Your company leadership or employees might participate in volunteer opportunities, or you can raise money with your own fundraiser for a cause that’s important to you or relates to your brand.

Being involved in the community doesn’t always mean that you’re volunteering or working with nonprofits. It can also mean that you have a presence at the event with a local audience.

The following are some ways being involved in the community in different ways can help your business.

Brand Awareness

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of being involved in the community as a business is that you’re increasing your brand awareness.

Brand awareness is good for getting new customers and improving the loyalty of your current ones.

Even if you’re primarily an online business, that doesn’t make people in your community any less valuable as customers.

Customers Are Increasingly Socially Conscious

Customers are more discerning than ever when it comes to who they do business with, primarily because they have so many options available to them. Customers want to work with brands in all capacities to support their own values.

You need to be able to show customers what your values are and put those into action, and you can do this through community involvement.

You’re putting the values you maybe list on your website into action, and that’s important to modern consumers.

You’re also creating a sense of trust in your business. Customers will see your brand more often, and it’ll be associated with positive efforts, cultivating a sense of authenticity and reliability.

These are things you can’t buy with paid advertising.

Better Culture and Employee Morale

The last thing you want is a toxic company culture or employees who feel disengaged. You’re never going to be able to scale your business up unless you have a strong culture and dedicated employees and want to succeed.

Giving back and being involved in the local communities help create a sense of connectedness and positivity among employees. They can see their role within the company as more than just a job.

The more you can get your employees involved in the community within their job roles, the better.

It would help if you gave them some autonomy as far as how they get involved so that it’s meaningful to them on a personal level.

Your employees will feel better about you as an employer when they feel like they’re contributing positively to the world around them.

Create a Competitive Edge

Whether your competition is larger corporations or other small businesses, you’re giving yourself a competitive edge when you’re involved in the community.

This is something you can do that won’t cost a lot of money but will set you apart significantly.

When it’s time to buy a product or service, knowing that you’ve been involved in the community or a particular organization may be what leads consumers to choose you rather than your competitor.

Identify and Attract New Talent

Right now, one of the biggest issues employers are facing across industries is connecting with talent and retaining them.

Since the pandemic, there has been a mass exodus out of the workforce for various reasons. This came at a time when there was already a talent shortage, particularly for certain skilled positions.

Employers are trying to find creative ways to connect with talent, but they might be right in front of you, or at least within the community.

Why Community Involvement Is Good For Business

You can network and build not just your overall brand but a strong employer brand.

Potential employees will see you as a positive place to work, and it will be compelling for them just like it is for possible customers.

You can build stronger teams through community involvement once you have people on board as well.

Community Involvement Strengthens Your Online Presence

You’ll often see businesses exclusively online still getting out and about in the community, and you may wonder why.

There are a lot of good reasons that it helps your online presence.

For example, if you’re involved in the community, then you might be mentioned in the local news or community press releases.

This will mean potential links back to your site, which is important for SEO.

Being involved in the community is also valuable for local SEO efforts. Local SEO revolves around using location-based keywords, like your city or town.

There are also increasingly blurred lines between our personal and professional lives. A quick online search can tell someone a lot about you as a business owner, your employees, and your company.

If you’re spending time giving back to the community, you’re going to create a positive online reputation.

When people search for you or anything related to your business, they’re going to see favorable things front and center.

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