11 Gym storage solutions that are both beautiful and practical


Gym storage solutions:

Exercising at home provides you with convenience and privacy.

Due to COVID-19, 63% of people are now more interested in home-fitness options.

So, consider these tips to make your home gym stand out.

Creative Ways To Stack Your Home Gym

1. Have Plenty of Space

If you like workouts with equipment, then you need space to jump and run around. You want at least 56 square feet for a basic setup.

Also, remove any unnecessary clutter to free up more space. For example, you could move out the coffee table from your basement.

When choosing a room, don’t use your bedroom, since it will be harder to shut off your brain at night.

2. Let the Sunlight In

Exposure to sunlight releases feel-good hormones, known as serotonin. So, a well-lit space puts you in a positive mindset, so you’ll work harder.

Plus, it makes the room feel more inviting after a long day of work. Pick a room with lots of windows and access to sunlight.

Also, add mirrors and paint with neutral colors, such as grays.

3. Use Neutral Paint Colors

Warm colors can make you feel relaxed and tired. However, a white hue can keep you more focused.

In addition, it makes the space appear more clean and organized. If you set up your gym in the basement, these colors can bring in more natural light.

You can also use neutral tones, such as ivory, cream, or tan.

4. Have the Proper Lighting

You need a bright space, to see the equipment you’re using.

Use a variety of sources, such as track, recessed, or LED lighting. LED bulbs are also more energy-efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs.

If you have a larger budget, install a skylight that will bring in plenty of sunlight.

5. Invest in a Full-Length Mirror

You can do more with a mirror than just check your cute gym outfit. They help prevent injury by allowing you to monitor your form.

In addition, mirrors help motivate you to work harder. You want one that is tall enough to see your whole body.

Look for one that is about 3 feet by 5 feet with no framing. Also, don’t lean the mirror, since it can distort your body image. Place them in front of a squat rack or open space.

6. Add a Portable Speaker

Music helps you zone into a workout and gives you a boost of energy.

When picking a speaker, factor in its size. You want it to properly fit in the space, without being in the way. Also, ensure you can hear the music over fans and the clanking of weights.

To prevent noise from disturbing your family, consider installing acoustic wall panels.

Other important factors to pay attention to include battery life and sound quality.

7. Incorporate Open Storage Options

Having open storage makes it easier to grab and put away equipment. A storage rack is a great place to store weights, yoga mats or exercise shoes.

That way your supplies are more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Another unique idea is creating a peg wall for your dumbbells. You can also decorate with a few baskets or clear storage bins.

Just keep in mind having too many shelves can make the room feel cluttered.

Creative Ways To Stack Your Home Gym

8. Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is when you paint one wall a different shade than the rest. It is a popular design technique that creates a stunning focal point.

So, consider using a darker toned color to contrast your neutrals. A deep blue can create a calming atmosphere.

You can also experiment with a different texture, such as a board-and-batten pattern. To spruce up the wall, add simple artwork or motivational quotes.

9. Take It Outdoors

Being in nature can boost your mood. So, on a warmer day take your workout outside. You can use equipment, such as a rope climb or a balance beam.

Make sure to place the equipment on level ground and add rubber mats.

10. Bring in New Technology

You’ll probably start with the basic equipment, like treadmills or weights. Resistance bands, workout benches and punching bags are other common supplies.

Yet, with new technology, you have even more options to take your workout to the next level.

The Mirror is a popular device that includes a variety of workouts, such as yoga or cardio.

The best part is you can leave it out after you’re done. Peloton bikes are also becoming more popular, and allow you to do live workout classes.

11. Install the Right Flooring

You want to have flooring that feels comfortable under your feet. Rubber is an excellent choice for home gyms.

It is soft and can support your heavier equipment. Plus, it is durable and shock-resistant. This type of flooring is available in rolls, mats, or interlocking tiles.

Other popular choices include foam and vinyl flooring. Make sure to lay down a few yoga mats as well.

12. Turn Your Bookshelf Into Extra Storage

If you have an unused bookshelf, turn it into a storage unit. You can place mats or dumbbells inside.

This allows you to easily store your items and keep them from cluttering the floor.

You can also spruce up the shelves with a fresh coat of paint or framed photos.

How to Create the Perfect Gym Setup

Your home gym is the perfect place to burn off some stress.

That’s why you want to make it a comfortable space. Follow these tips to stack your home gym.

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