Badge Holder Types That Are Ideal For Your Business

Badge Holder

The lanyards are the first thing that pops up in mind when you think of the simple ID cardholders. However, lanyards are not the only badge holder option available.

As a business owner, you need to consider the working environment that can impact the use of the badge holders. This helps you to narrow it down to the best from the available badge holders.

It pays to research the different kinds of badge holders.

Different badge holder designs change the way how badges are used, which helps speed up verification and identification and streamlines the workplace. The badge holders can also impact safety.

Badge holders are a smart investment for any organization, something that your customers and employees will thank you for.

And the best part is that these accessories are not expensive.

What are Badge Holders?

Badge holders protect the card, make them hard to lose, and increase the badge’s lifespan. It is the first accessory that you need to invest in if you decide to introduce badge ids in your workplace.

The right kind of holder depends on how you choose to use the card.

There are vertical and horizontal badge holders that suit the card orientation. You can opt for a rigid, semi-rigid, or flexible holder, depending on the degree of protection that you need.

There are also various kinds of attachments like armbands, standard lanyards, luggage tags, and keychains, to name a few.

There are magnetic strip card holders, waterproof holders, proximity cards, and multi-card holders too.

The automatic and convertible badge holders can adjust as per the card size and type.

You need to be clear on the function you want the cardholder to perform, which will help narrow down the choices to let you choose the right badge holder type that is perfect for your business.


Lanyards are the standard option. These are easy to wear and remove and hang open for quick identification.

These have a swipe or a proximity reader and are the best option when working in a customer-facing environment as the badge holder offers open identification.

Lanyards, however, can’t be used in places where heavy machinery is used as there could be a choking hazard since the badge holder hangs freely.

Badge Reels

The badge reels can be retracted. So it stays close to you all the time but can be extended when it is needed for scanning or identification.

It openly displays the identification and can be clipped on the pockets, bags, or belts.

Strap Clips

These badge holders are attached close to the body and are an effective but inexpensive option.

These have short straps and faces in one direction only. You can fix them on bags, lanyards, or belt loops.

Luggage Accessories

Luggage attachment badge holders are ideal for businesses that involve a lot of traveling. These are durable and tough to resist the rough handling when traveling.

The accessory is perfect in cases where the employees have to identify their luggage often.

Neck or Wristwear

You can also choose a unique option where the badge can be worn around the wrist or the neck.

These are discreet and can be easily worn and removed.

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