Importance and Use of 3D Camera in Industries

3D Camera

Are you familiar with the the concept  of 3D Camera? Have you ever heard of it? Did you get a chance to see if? Did you ever  use it? Have you checked the picture shoot by it? Are you aware of the importance it has in Industries? If no, then this article is for you. Read this article carefully.

What is 3D Camera?

A 3D camera is an image capturing device that allows its users to experience an image in  three directions as if that thing is present right in front of you or as if you are using human binocular vision. The principle behind the 3D ( Three Dimensional) camera is called stereoscopy and the technology that uses stereoscopy is called stereoscopic imagining. It enables you to view a three dimensional photo which makes you realize as if you are watching the object in real.

Importance of 3D Camera

There was a time when People used to get into machines or open up the gadgets to get them diagnosed but now with the advancement of technology, and particularly three dimensional Technology, we are better able to diagnose any malfunction of a machine and then repair it accordingly. The use of 3D Cameras has made it buttery Smooth to diagnose the malfunctioning of an apparatus  and get it repaired. It is one of the most common automation applications in smart factories and warehouses. 3D machine vision cameras play an essential role in increasing the accuracy of the bin-picking operation, especially for tiny objects and randomly distributed items.

About Mech-Eye 3D Camera

Mech-Eye 3D camera, far more better than most of 3D cameras, is designed specifically  of industrial purposes. It can generate high quality 3D Data that can be used for multiple purposes. Its model option can satisfy needs of Ambient light resistance, high precision, high speed and small sizes in different situations. Some other features are given below:

· Alluminum Alloy Shell Design:  This design gives your camera a supreme look which is pretty unusual.

· High precision options to meet various distance requirements: High precision quality means the chances for error are minimum and you will get more statisfactory  quality out of it.

· Dust and water proof:  This feature enables you to use this camera anywhere regardless of the weather and conditions. Either in rain or in dusty places, this camera will give you 100% reliable results.

· Stable and reliable scanning performance: This feature lets you to use the camera without having the fear whether the scanning is reliable or not

· Plug and play, Easy Setup: This feature tells you how much user-friendly this camera is.

· Multiple Camera models for various situations:  This is another excellent feature which means that you can use it in any condition.

Concluding the whole discussion in a tight nutshell, with the advancement of world and technology we should also go towards smart ways, one of which is the use of 3D technology, especially 3D cameras in industrial setup . Use of 3D Camera has made the work buttery Smooth and easily manageable.Mech-Eye 3D Camera is one of the examples of reliable 3D cameras which has made people’s lives easier than ever.

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