6 Impacts Of Technology On The Fitness Industry 2021

Fitness Industry

Impacts Of Technology On The Fitness Industry

In the past 2 years, we know that COVID-19 hasn’t exactly been a best friend to us when it comes to carrying out our daily household chores and businesses, handling the work pressure, and leading a smooth life.

With everyone made to stay inside their houses and practice social distancing norms, the fitness industry has also witnessed a dramatic change.

In these tough times, when we couldn’t hit the gyms for an intense workout session, technology has stepped in and made our lives easier.

The present-day, ever-evolving technology has influenced the fitness industry and is also predicted to shape its future.

So many of us give fitness unshakeable importance and we can’t thank technology enough for having relieved a great portion of our burden.

It has given us remarkable solutions to both physical and mental health troubles. You wanna know how?

Well, below are enlisted 6 impacts of technology on the fitness industry in 2021:

1. Fitness Applications

These applications are user-friendly and according to the convenience of every being.

According to research, the fitness app market had an estimated worth of USD 4.4 billion in 2020 globally and is predicted to experience an increase at a CAGR of 21.6% from 2021 to 2028.                                                                       

They are one of the reasons for the increasing awareness about fitness in today’s world.

These applications are very profitable for beginners who want to get their bodies in proper shape but don’t know what steps to take initially.

You just need to tap on the internet and you will be able to find an ample number of applications suited to your requirements.                                   

These applications have been devised by health professionals and entail a plethora of benefits.

They provide you with fitness tips for free, help you keep a track of your progress and the calories that you burn daily, schedule workouts for you, etc.

2. Fitness Marketing

Internet and social media are serving as effective catalysts for the growth of the fitness industry.

Marketing, planning, and advertising of gyms are being carried forward on social media.                                                                            

So many of us are engaged on social media platforms, that fitness advertisements mostly pop up there and not on TV.

Almost every gym has a web page or a social media profile to attract prospective customers and promote their ideas.

3. Fitness Accessories

These wearables are amazing products for a wide range of reasons.

They are advanced to track your bodily processes like heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature, and also the steps you have walked, calories burnt, etc.

The most popular accessory is the smart wristband that feels like having a companion at all times providing you with the rate of your progress and for laying out goals, diet regimes, and fitness routines for you.

4. Online Fitness Sessions

If you scroll through the internet and social media, you can see for yourself that so many coaches and instructors are providing us with online fitness courses.

One such franchise is the Xtend-Barre Franchise. It is a US start-up and now has its reach globally.

They provide you with workout regimes suitable for your levels of fitness.

They combine the components of Pilates and dance and work out an effective and intense session for you.

5. Building Communities Online

With social media taking over our lives by storm, fitness experts are getting an opportunity to reach out to other fitness experts as well as individuals.

It provides them with a platform to share their personal experiences and helpful discoveries with the huge audience out there.   

They share videos, photos, etc., and keep the motivation levels of the fitness freaks high.

People ask questions pertaining to their fitness and get the required help as well.

6. Approaching Fitness from a Scientific perspective

With the help of the existing technology, research and studies are being conducted on fitness professionals by putting sensors on them to get to know more about fitness.

This information from the studies is put under scrutiny and the results are confirmed by scientific methods.                                                      

Products like fitness supplements have their roots in science and that gives them more credibility and popularity.

Over to you…

For people gradually gaining awareness about a healthy lifestyle, this is the perfect time for you to get started.

All in all, we can say that the fitness industry continues to grow and strengthen with the advancing technology.

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