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Stephen Laine

If you hear the identify Stephen Laine, is there whatever ringing to your ear? you can also be questioning who he is. He is a established individual in the media circle. He is the stepfather of Vanessa Bryant.

Stephen Laine used to be born and added up in the 12 months of 1949 in the United States of America. Now he is seventy two years historic however still, he stays unidentified to the people. He heeds to Christianity from his coronary heart alongside with his ethnicity Caucasian. Therefore, barring his mother and father being personnel in a mill, there is now not a good deal facts we get to know.

#Early existence and Childhood:

Moreover, in the previous few years, he suffered from various economic difficulties. No precise data about his mother and father and siblings. However, he has performed some bizarre jobs for monetary assist to his family. He completed his education online.

#Stephen’s Career and Professional Life:

Stephen Laine is a well-known and former stock supervisor in a meals business enterprise positioned in the United States of America.

However, Stephen is infamous for supporting with such neighborhood works functions. His intention used to be by no means to get into the spotlight. Regardless of this, he grew to be regarded to all of us due to the fact of his daughter Vanessa Laine Bryant, a well-known celebrity. She is a famed model. Often she known as an lively Instagram celeb. Stephen did now not agree to the marriage of Kobe and his daughter Vanessa. Stephen additionally known as her daughter a gold digger.

Therefore, Stephen noticed his daughter’s marriage as a speedy selection due to the fact it was once made in a hurry. At that time Vanessa’s age used to be now not gorgeous for marriage. And the unlucky element happens, each his son-in-law Kobe Bryant and granddaughter Gianna misplaced their valuable lives due to a fierce helicopter crash on twenty sixth January 2020. Therefore, as per the police information for the duration of this devastating crash all eight human beings which includes the pilot had been discovered dead.

#Stephen Laine’s Love Life:

Stephen Laine used to be employed as a core supervisor of a corporation at which Sofia had been working. However, Sofia was once a senior there in evaluation to Stephen Laine. The couple Stephen and Sofia sooner or later obtained married and Stephen grew to be the accountable dad of Vanessa. Though he isn’t her organic dad, Stephen however gave her love, care, and support. Before marrying Stephen, Sofia was once a single mother having two lovely daughters Vanessa and Sofie.

Therefore, when Vanessa was once simply three years old, her mother received a divorce. Stephen does now not formally undertake Vanessa. When Stephen Laine married Sofia, the daughters have been 18 and eight years old.  Therefore, Vanessa determined to proceed through her stepfather’s ultimate identify as an alternative of the usage of her organic father’s remaining title Cornejo. Additionally, simply at some stage in her faculty years, she legitimately made some adjustments in her title as Vanessa Laine.

The household stays in a residence at Garden Grove in California. But they used Stephen’s dad’s tackle which is placed in Huntington Beach. There Vanessa went to Marina High School with his step dad’s nieces Laila and Sasha.

In Laila and Sasha’s perspective, Stephen Laine and his spouse Sofia nurture their daughter in a sheltered house. However, one day Vanessa escaped from there for a positive moment, and this allowed her to meet Kobe Bryant, who used to be an NBA star.

#Stephen Laine’s views on Kobe and Vanessa’s relationship:

The relationship which Kobe and Vanessa shared was once now not legitimate. So her father Stephen Laine used to be pretty hesitant. At that time, his daughter Vanessa used to be solely 17 years old. She received engaged to Kobe Bryant who was once 21 years historical at that time. Because of their age, Stephen Laine used to be now not equipped with the thought of marriage. But he attended their wedding ceremony ceremony that took location in Dana Point, California. He feels the marriage was once a hasty decision.

In addition, in his first few years, he suffered from quite a few economic troubles. This is due to the fact each the mom and daughters used to spend cash on pricey things. Even after the demise of Kobe Bryant, Vanessa stays estranged from her family. However, she had addressed the crowd for the first time after she misplaced her husband and gave a notion to her relationship with Stephen Laine.

During the speech, she has spoken about the ups and downs of the peculiar relationship with her mom as well. During this ceremony, human beings have observed that Vanessa’s stepdad Stephen Laine was once additionally present. Though after the demise of Kobe Bryant and Giana, Mr. Stephen Laine spoke to the media. He advised the media that he wished the household well. He stated that his coronary heart goes out to Vanessa. After the loss of her husband Kobe Bryant, Vanessa has truly Sofia Laine for her support.

# Lawsuit towards Vanessa Bryant

Recently, after the loss of life of Kobe Bryant and Gianna, the complete household confronted serious setbacks. The complete episode brings their household into a kingdom of confusion or disorder. During this period, Sophia has claimed that she used to be supposed to get paid about $5 million from her daughter. The media displays that Sophia already had labored as her non-public assistant as nicely as nanny to her daughters.

Unlike the media, many humans sense it is a harsh statement. People felt pretty embarrassed as she demanded cash from any individual who used to be mourning after the death. However, Stephen Laine has supported his spouse about the statement. He even went one step similarly to accuse her daughter. He instructed the media that his daughter bought married due to the fact she loves the cash of Kobe Byrant. He additionally claimed that Kobe refused to signal a prenuptial agreement. Her daughter stated that passed off due to the fact Kobe loves her extra than money.

As a long way as the lawsuit is concerned, the household of Stephen Laine has a special claim.  They are claiming that Kobe has promised to assist them financially. They additionally declare that Kobe advised them that their household would be taken care of. However, Vanessa Bryant is pronouncing that there used to be no such proposal. She is additionally attempting to use more than a few mediums to show that her mother and father are incorrect and lying. Vanessa Bryant and her daughters are getting adequate help from the public. Stephen Laine and his household have filed a lawsuit and claimed cash from her simply after eleven months of the dying of Kobe and Giana.

#Severe monetary crisis:

Kobe introduced their engagement at his cherished Vanessa’s 18th birthday party. However, at this point, Vanessa’s household was once going thru a challenging economic crisis. Sofia additionally end her job two years lower back from the engagement as she suffered from an damage that compelled her to seem for a extra fantastic job.

And, solely a week after the announcement of the engagement party, Laine’s household moved to bankruptcy. In addition, the bond between Kobe and Vanessa made headlines that gave her reputation which modified her existence completely.

#Financial assist via Kobe

After this extreme monetary crisis, Sofia needs monetary guide from her daughter. She gave this declaration in court docket and stated she deserves support. Her daughter Vanessa says that she is willingly geared up to assist her mother and dad through supplying them occasional items however she will no longer do it monthly.

#A hard divorce of Stephen Laine and Sofia

Sofia and Stephen went via a hard divorce via Kobe’s rape fees. They went separate methods after nearly thirteen years of marriage. Consequently, this used to be very difficult on Vanessa on the grounds that she had been going via her husband’s public rape trial in 2003.

Sofia did now not neglect to help her daughter in her horrific situation. She confirmed self belief when she advised the press that they don’t care what others discuss at the back of their again and they have a sturdy peace of mind. In 2011, Kobe and Vanessa have been going in the direction of separation. At that second Stephen Laine got here out and instructed the media that Sofia compelled her daughter to get a divorce. Sofia additionally waited for nearly 10 years for divorce. Because of these circumstances, this marriage was once regarded a long-term marriage in California. And she will get paid for existence till she strikes on and marries anybody else.

Stephen stated that this is precisely what Vanessa’s mother advised him. A big quantity he must have paid to his ex-wife Sofia. In his perspective, if Vanessa’s divorce with Kobe proceeded, each Vanessa and her mother Sofia emerge as pretty wealthy and he no longer desires to pay them.

#Net worth:

Stephen isn’t socially busy on any social media platform. He’s stayed away from the popular public and has saved his lifestyles personal. Likewise speakme about his salary and net worth, he’s obtained an estimated internet well worth of about $500K. He additionally owns a house in California. He lives off with a cozy and well-off lifestyle.


Stephen noticed each the right and awful instances in his entire life. Though Stephen Laine has stated a few uncommon qualities to the media, as a father Stephen fulfills his responsibility to Vanessa Bryant. He is nonetheless alive and pretty a robust man being seventy two years old. By going via his statements, nevertheless we can see that he adores Vanessa Bryant as before.

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