How to manage employee recognition in your company


One of the most important functions of your company’s management team is providing recognition for employees. The idea is that giving your employees a tangible sign that you value them will help encourage them to work harder and reach the company’s goals. But how do you go about implementing employee recognition? Here are ways you can manage employee recognition in your company.

1. Create Recognition Awards

The first piece of the appreciation puzzle is creating recognition awards for employees. Annual recognition awards and employee of the month awards are a good way to create an overall feeling of celebration for your company’s employees. These awards can be as simple as placing a ribbon on an employee’s desk, sending them out on lunches with their coworkers, giving them a weekend off to relax with family, or even hosting their favorite performer at the office.

2. Embrace Gamification

Gamification is the principle of using gameplay elements to motivate behavior in the workplace. This technique creates a fun environment for your employees to work in and will help encourage them to reach your company’s goals. To implement gamification in your company, involve your employees and try ongoing games whenever you can. This will help create competition between departments as well as encourage a sense of community among your employees.

3. Create Employee Appreciation Parties

The simplest way to boost employee morale at your company is by hosting an appreciation party. These parties are simple gatherings where your employees can meet and mingle with one another. The best part about these parties is that they don’t require much money in decorations or food, so they don’t cost the company much money. Just get all your employees together at a local restaurant or bar, order some food and drinks, and let everyone enjoy themselves.

4. Implement Recognition and Incentive Programs

Another way to motivate your employees and improve their sense of community is by implementing a recognition and incentive program. With this type of program, you designate certain tasks for your employees to accomplish. Each time one completes one of those tasks, they receive an incentive for their work. This creates a fun competition between employees and encourages them to work harder.

5. Reward and Recognize

The most important way to manage employee recognition is to make it a part of your company’s culture. Make sure that your employees are recognized whenever they do something good. It’s also helpful to give employees clear directions on what they can get recognition for. For example, the best way to recognize an employee who gives great customer service is by asking each customer if they were treated well. If most customers respond positively, then the employee should be rewarded. A supervisor should be involved in the process so that they can make sure the employee is doing a good job.

6. Offer Beyond-The-Call-of-Duty Perks

Companies often give employees unexpected perks, such as gift cards to stores, free lunches, and coffee during the workday, and days off during the holidays. These perks can help boost employee morale and show them that you care about their well-being. They also show your employees that you value their company and recognize their work.

7. Provide Holiday Rewards and Bonuses

One of the best ways to boost employee motivation and morale is to reward employees for completing their daily tasks. This can be as simple as giving them a small bonus or a greeting card thanking them for their hard work. Christmas bonuses, which are given out on the days before Christmas, are often the most effective types of rewards. Since most employees will have little to no work to do on these days, they can use this time to relax with family and friends.

8. Incentivize Positive Behavior

This means that you have a system in place for rewarding positive behavior and punishing negative behavior. For example, if your company doesn’t have a system in place for rewarding employees for their good behavior, you can set up a system where you award employees with gift cards or a certain amount of paid time off. These gifts cards and free days will help motivate them to continue being productive.


Managing employee recognition will benefit your company in many ways. Getting your employees excited about their jobs will boost employee morale and improve the overall work environment. Look into the right type of recognition and incentives for your employees and see how they can best use these tools to help boost motivation and productivity.

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