Where Do I Find the Clip Tray in an LG Android Phone?

LG Android Phone

LG Android smartphone customers are discovering subject in discovering the clip tray, additionally recognized as clipboard, in their phone. They desire to clear the clip tray or switch matters on it onto Facebook or some different social media apps to share matters with their friends. You can effortlessly get entry to the contents you saved in the clip tray on every occasion and anyplace you want. You can reproduction photos or texts and maintain them in the clip tray. Then, you can paste them every time and anyplace you prefer to. Below is how you can discover the clip tray in an LG Android telephone and switch information onto Facebook.

Where Do I Find the Clip Tray in an LG Android Phone

Overwriting the Clip Tray

On LG Android phone, the clip tray is an region of reminiscence or storage on which you can retailer small items. It can’t be without delay accessed or opened as it is now not an App however you can retrieve objects saved onto it through long-pressing a clean region of a textual content area and then tapping paste. The hassle with clip tray is that on some telephones you can solely keep one object to the clip tray which is overwritten if a 2nd object is saved to clip tray.

When you replica or reduce anything, it goes to a different set apart place of RAM acknowledged as the clip tray. It is like any different section of RAM however any different App doesn’t use it. When you long-press on the display and paste something, some thing is copied onto the clip tray receives pasted. You typically can’t clear the clip tray different than genuinely copying any small clean house to it. In this way, it will overwrite what used to be copied to it earlier than to an empty space.

Clip Tray Options

Another technique you may want to strive to clear the clip tray is to long-press on any textual content subject and then choose ‘more options’ (three dots on the right). Then, pick out ‘clip tray’. In the alternatives of clip tray, you’ll be in a position to pick out your copies and clear them.

Clipper – Clipboard Manager

If you desire a greater manageable clip tray, you can down load the App Clipper – Clipboard Manager from the Google Playstore. The App doesn’t use the built-in clip tray of the phone, as an alternative it maintains the statistics in its personal space. It robotically saves the whole lot you copy. You can later get entry to your clip tray records and organize your clippings the way you prefer to. Moreover, Clipper lets you copy, paste, view, edit and share the content material copied to it. So, via the Clipper App you can without problems share anything you desire to onto Facebook.

Copy Clip Tray Data to Facebook

To replica your clip tray records to Facebook or any different social media App, truely open the App and long-press on clean textual content space, the place you choose to paste from clip tray. Now, click on on paste and anything is copied on your clip tray will be pasted there. In this way you can effortlessly share anything you choose to from your clip tray.

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