A Humorous Joke That Will Make You Cry

Humorous Joke

A Humorous Joke That Will Make You Cry

This is a funny joke that will have you in stitches. The girl in the story is 18 years old and has been missing her period for two months. Her mother buys a pregnancy test kit and sees the results. The woman screams in horror as she cries while taking the test. She says that her son is going to kill her. However, the girl insists that she’s not pregnant, even though it’s obvious that she’s a virgin.

The garbage truck is a cross between a snowman and a vampire, and it’s the only one that’s tearable. Then, the snowman eats the vampire’s blood. In the end, they both die. And, if that’s not enough, he’s just a stick. Obviously, the guy who ate the carrots got stuck. It’s funny because it’s not true, but it is a droll joke that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

hilarious joke that will make you cry

Besides the toilet, the other bathroom in the movie was the bathroom of the European. If you’re an American, you can use the restroom of a European if you want to be a tiger. If you’re an American, go to the bathroom. You’ll find Will Smith in no time. You can also catch him at Fresh Prints. This hilarious joke that will make you cry is guaranteed to leave you laughing for days after you read it.

There are many other tiger jokes out there. There’s the one about a pterodactyl that pees silently. Another teddy bear is called Impasta Syndrome. There are other funny ones about animals, including the polar bear and the noodle. There’s a story about a polar bear and a tiger. You can find these jokes on lunch box cards and printable versions of them.

You’ve probably heard the expression “satisfactory” a million times in your life. This saying explains the relationship between a birch and a beech tree. Unlike a satyr, a birch’s trunk is taller than a beech’s. Its height is not the only thing to blame for this strange phenomenon. If you’re a male, you may be the only person in the world who uses this phrase.

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