PUBG: New State Release on 11/11, Beat on 10/28


PUBG Studios along with the corporation of Krafton have announced the newest game, PUBG: New State. This will be the brand new battle royale game that comes from the makers of PUBG Mobile. New State is set in the year 2051, and it offers futuristic features and multiplayer-focused formulas of PUBG.

New State going to be caught in more than 200 countries with 17 more languages. After more than eight months of testing, Krafton managed to confirm the launching date of the game and its details. Here are the details.

Release Date of PUBG New State 

PUBG New Sate is released to all mobile devices on 11th of November 2021 in the launch. And the date has been already confirmed. This will be a global launch, and the time is yet to be confirmed. But we are expecting that all regions are getting access to PUBG New State on the same date.

PUBG Mobile New State – Pre Registrations

Pre-registrations for both iOS and Android are opened for sometimes with PUBG New State. It has officially started back in September, and those who are pre-registering will be offered some additional rewards. This is an item that will be entirely free for all the pre-registered players, and if you didn’t register, you could not access this item.

The current reward for the pre-registering is a Limited Vehicle Skin, a permanent offer for the players. You can pre-register for the game with the following instructions.

  • First, all the players have to visit the Apple store from iOS or Google play store from Android.
  • Then click on the icon called Pre Register under the PUBG New State name.
  • Here players are enabling a chance for an option called Automatic Install, and it will ensure that the game is going to be installed once it has been released,
  • The reward of skin will be there for the players who have been pre-registered once the game is released.

What is PUBG Mobile New State?

Just like the previous games of PUBG, New State is also being centred on multiplayer matches. And this is the next generation experience for the battle royale gamers with some latest technologies and the newest gunplay system.

As we mentioned before, New State is settled down in the year 2051, and it gives the chance of leaping into the future from the original game PUBG Mobile. It shows more similarities to the universes in the PUBG Mobile, but the New State is an evolution to the actual battlegrounds.

The game will be centred on the Troi, the fictitious town located outside of Lansing, Michigan. So it will be a new map for our PUBG players. There is a whole different storyline behind the New State, and there will be a civil society. This civil society has been broken and already divided into factions. There the hunters are appearing, and Troi is descending into chaos.

Since the New Sate has a futuristic setting, it exploits a post-apocalyptic world where the near future is taking the world. So these all seem to be familiar and almost being different enough to have excitement. There is access to the futuristic vehicles to the players and will be some future weapons on exploiting.

PUBG New Sate is designed on a squad and co-op based gameplay. So all the players can play the battle royale of the game as a solo. 

Weapons and the Customizations

There will be a complete range of weapons in the new PUBG New State, including traditional and modern weapons. There was so much talk about gunplay and the way these weapons has to be handled. Those are included with the based feature of dynamic recoiled and how you will fire with those weapons.

Every weapon in the PUBG New State allows the players with the highest level of customization, and there are so many constant updates that will bring the latest options to evolve with the favourites. These changes are not only going to be cosmetic, but they will also impact the weapon’s behaviour.

Drone Store and the Reinforcements

Future drones play a considerable part in the New State, and it has a main role of resupply. Players are getting a chance to loot the Drone credits on their maps and resupply them to bring their needs. If you are within a squad, you can group all those credits and buy some bigger items.

Your enemies can spot these drones, and it will lead them towards you. And these drones can be shot down by another can loot your deliveries. So it is essential to be strategically to use these drones.

There are also recon drones, and since drones are arriving with supplies, you can leave that traditional flare gun of PUBG for free.

New Vehicles and Maps

Vehicles have been modified with futuristic on New State, and they will be electric vehicles. Electric cards and several electric vehicles can be seen on the PUBG New State.

There are four maps with the launching as

  • Troi
  • Station
  • Erangel
  • Training Ground

The main map will be the 8x8km Troi map, and urban areas, open spaces, bridges, shopping malls, and houses can be seen across these maps.


There is a seasoning system coming with PUBG New State and three seasons are there as Pre Season Start, 8 tier system and the End of season tournaments starting has to be done in the game with the preseason playing. Each season has a two-month life period, and after the period ends, a soft reset will happen to drop down the tiers and start over.

Can Play PUBG: New State Comes on PC?

No, it will not. It will be only released to mobile devices, and if you need to play the game with a computer, you just need to install an emulator. So it is helping you to run various mobile games and also the apps within your computer. There are so many emulators out in the market, and we recommend you here with the LDPlayer since it has the best features to be helpful in the game, like the Key Mapping feature to have the best controls with the game. Now you can pre-register in the LDPlayer, once the game is released, it will be downloaded.


PUBG New State will be released globally by the 11th of November 2021, and here are all details we have grabbed for you. Take a pre-registration first and beat the game with rewards with excitement.

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