Shark Tank: The Pizza Cupcake Accepts $125,000

Pizza Cupcake

A couple, Michelle Jimenez and Andrea Meggiato, went to the Shark Tank displaying their unmistakable item, The Pizza Cupcake. Utilizing their proprietary advantage mixture, custom made sauce, and great fixings, The Pizza Cupcake is reforming the way that we consider frozen pizza. These frozen tidbits can be transported straightforwardly to buyers from New York City, or they can be appreciated at cooked occasions or sporting events. At just 160 calories, the Sharks totally adored the taste and kinds of The Pizza Cupcake.

Andrea was brought up in Italy where he idealized the craft of pizza making. Michelle, an occasion organizer in New York City, realizes that serve heavenly and basic tidbits. Together, the pair made a triumphant mix of an item that has produced $77,000 in year-to-date deals. To expand deals, Michelle and Andrea need to increase creation using a co-packer as they are at present making all of the item manually. Despite the fact that they have as of late handled a co-packer, the couple is searching for a Shark that will assist them with beginning with that copacker. They likewise might want to track down an essential accomplice who will put $125,000 in trades for 5% value in The Pizza Cupcake.

Unmistakably Andrea and Michelle went to the Shark Tank with their eyes set on cooperating with Lori Greiner. The pair even searched out the equivalent copacker that she has utilized with different organizations so she is open to committing. Lori loves the item and that Michelle and Andrea have a valid foundation from Venice and from NYC, two urban areas that know their pizza. She additionally accepts that she can reproduce the achievement that she has had with Bantam Bagels and feels that she could be an important resource for The Pizza Cupcake as well. By using a similar dissemination channels that she utilizes with her bagels, she accepts that she can without much of a stretch skyrocket their deals. At last they consent to acknowledge a $125,000 speculation from Lori Greiner in return for 12.5% value and 2.5% in warning offers.

In case you were Lori, would have collaborated with The Pizza Cupcake? Do you think Michelle and Andrea committed an error by focusing on only one Shark in the Shark Tank? Do you figure they might have gotten a more ideal arrangement with another Shark? Start the discussion in the remarks beneath!

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