‘Siesta Key’ Cast’s Dating Histories:

Siesta Key

Discovering love on the sea shore! Since its 2017 presentation on MTV, Siesta Key has highlighted hookups, separations, cosmetics and everything in the middle.

At the point when the show appeared, Alex Kompothecras was at the middle. He was presented as the most mainstream fellow in the Florida town and had worked his appeal on large numbers of the ladies nearby. Before the show started recording, he had a relationship with his deep rooted companion Madisson Hausburg and proceeded to date Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens prior to settling down and sbeginning a family with Alyssa Salerno.

Madisson, as far as it matters for her, had a here and there excursion of her own, dating Brandon Gomes until he cheated. She ultimately settled down with the last individual anybody anticipated: the show’s previous maker Ish Soto who is 20 years more seasoned than her.

“It’s been an extremely intense excursion with, similar to, online media and just, such as, having everybody, you know, continually tear something that you treasure so a lot,” Madisson disclosed to Us Weekly only in May 2021. “It’s truly intense. That is to say, I’m thankful to such an extent that individuals care and need to, you know, set out their feedback and have their viewpoints and, as, are so put resources into our show. And yet, similar to, it’s truly difficult to put ourselves out there and afterward to receive such a lot of analysis consequently.”

Throughout the show, fans saw her get passionate when discussing the couple’s future with her family, who didn’t generally uphold the relationship. In the end, her folks came around and the pair got occupied with 2020, however struggled arranging in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

“It’s a battle without a doubt,” she said at that point. “It’s peculiar to design a wedding. We can’t have, you know, gatherings of 100 individuals. I wouldn’t feel OK with that. Furthermore, I realize he wouldn’t. So it’s difficult to design the fantasy wedding when you’re not kidding.”

After a period of discussing the amount she was unable to hold back to turn into a mother, Madisson declared her first pregnancy in August 2021.

Look through the display beneath for a breakdown of every individual who’s dated on Siesta Key:

Alex Kompothecras

The first star of Siesta Key dated Madisson all through secondary school, then, at that point continued on to Juliette during the main period of the show. He likewise had flings with Kelsey and Cara Geswelli prior to getting into a relationship with Alyssa Salerno. The pair invited a little girl in June 2020. (Alex was sliced from the show halfway through season 3 after racially charged remarks.)

Juliette Porter

At the point when Juliette was first presented on Siesta Key, she was connecting with Alex. The pair had an on-and-off relationship for quite a long time, in any event, attaching in Nashville during a gathering trip when he was involved with Alyssa. She momentarily proceeded to date Garrett Miller and later Robby Hayes prior to meeting Sam Logan. The pair dated for under two years, parting in August 2021.

Chloe Trautman

Generally, Chloe has kept her connections hidden. In May 2021, she uncovered she’s dating Christopher Long and has since been vocal with regards to their sentiment on Instagram.

Madisson Hausburg

Madisson dated Alex on and off all through secondary school in Siesta Key. During season 1, she started a sentiment with Brandon, yet they later split after he cheated. She at last continued on with Ish, who was a maker during the show’s first season. The team declared their commitment in August 2020. After one year, they uncovered they were anticipating their first kid.

Kelsey Owens

At the point when she moved to Siesta Key, Kelsey started dating Garrett Miller. During the primary season, she succumbed to Alex while he was dating Juliette. Since 2020, she has been dating Max Strong.

Brandon Gomes

During the fourth scene of Siesta Key, Brandon started dating Madisson, who was his dearest companion Alex’s ex. He eventually undermined her and the pair split. Brandon proceeded to have a throw with Amanda Marie Miller and dated Camilla Cattaneo. During an August 2020 gathering extraordinary, it was uncovered that Brandon had undermined Camilla and invited a youngster with Delainey Shae.

Garrett Miller

At the point when Siesta Key started, Garrett was dating Kelsey. After the pair split, he momentarily dated Juliette and Cara. In September 2020, he started dating Makenna Quesenberry. The couple uncovered their relationship through online media the next month.

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