Willard Carrol Smith life and Net worth

Willard Carrol Smith

Willard Carrol Smith mother was serving in a school as borad administrator and father was a refregration engineer in U.S. Airforce.  As he gained concious, he was studying in school as per tradition. He got fame during his school days due to his intellegence and active performance in class. He used to do such acitivities that ammuse his fellows and his teachers. This is why he was in the good books of his teachers.

Whenever he had a chance to present himself, he was applauded and appreciated for his unique acts. Till then, he did not know about his “built in” performing abilities. He was experiencing the study, performance and learning at the same. As the day was passing, his abilities were refining. Due to his fantestic performances, he was now known as “Fresh Prince”. At this stage, he was not only performing but also paving his ways in the field of acting.

At the age of 13, his parent separated. Now, he had two options to decide the fate of his life, either to stick with the incident of separation  and imprecate throughout the life or by his passion and hard work make himself recognized in the world. He chose the latter one. And now, he is a millionaire, enjoying the net worth of $ 350 Million. His name is Willard Carrol Smith Jr.

Childhood Memories

Willard Carrol Smith Senior and his wife Caroline Bright gave birth to CarolineWillard Carrol Smith Jr. September 25. Will’s native city is Philadelphia, a city of Pennsylvania, State of the U.S. He was brought up under the teachings of Baptist but was surrounded by an amalgamation of cultures where Orthodox, Jews and Muslim were living.


He has an elder sister, Pamela and Harry and Ellen (twins) younger sisters.


Will started early education in a Catholic institution, “Our Lady of Lourdes”. He further persuaded education in “Overbrook High School”, Philadelphia.  It is controversial that he declined a scholarship of pre-engineering summer program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Start of Music as career

Will was passionate about his interest. He had started rapping at the age of 12. DJ Jazzy Jeff was touching the skies of fame. Once, Will had a chance to perform before DJ Jazzy Jeff. This performance was the turning point. His performance was such a fantastic that the DJ was forced to admire. This performance bonded them as friends. Will was at age 16 then. They started working together.

The DUO’s work

Their first master piece was ‘Girls ain’t nothing but trouble’ in 1986. In 1987, their debut music album, ‘Rock the House’ was ranked among the Top 200 at the Billboard. It was the prime time when Willard Carrol Smith became millionaire. This marvelous success kicked all thoughts of study.


Will was served a notice by the Internal Revenue Service on non-payment of due tax in 1988-89. It was a kick back to him. He was under great stress then. He signed with NBC television network. At this time, he started hosting a show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. The show was hit and at this stage he started action.

Some of his work can be watched in these movies.

Sr. No.Movie NameYear
1.     Bad Boys for Life2020
2.     Gemini Man2019
3.     Aladdin2019
4.     Spies in Disguise2019
5.     Bright2017
6.     Suicide Squad2016
7.     Collateral Beauty2016
8.     Focus2015

Net Worth

Willard Carrol Smith being an actor, rapper and film producer has earned about $350 million. He earned about $45 million between 2019-20 from film industry. He costs producers $20 to $30 million for each movie. He also has another source of income i.e. Netflix. As per reports, he has earned about $55 million from Netflix.

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