12 Unique Words And Their Meanings


I discover words and their definitions to be interminably captivating. It astounds me that the basic 26 letters in the English letter set can be orchestrated in an apparently perpetual assortment that makes such countless various implications, stories, and sentiments. Language is a particularly excellent thing, and regularly throughout everyday life, we stall out in a day by day schedule with our language. We will in general utilize words that are agreeable to us and don’t frequently effectively search out approaches to grow our jargon. Here are a few words that, regardless of whether you don’t begin utilizing in your jargon, are exquisite in solid and which means. Have a go at keeping them in your mind and living through them in your life.

1. Logolepsy: (n.) a fixation or interest with words.

This appears to be a suitable method to begin this rundown. Continuously save your interest high and your quest for shrewdness higher.

2. Eunoia: (n.) wonderful reasoning; a well brain.

This word comes from the Greek word εὔνοια which straightforwardly implies a “well psyche.” It is additionally the most brief word in the English language that contains the entirety of the five fundamental vowels. Attempt to consistently keep your musings clear and your psyche positive.

3. Tacenda: (n.) things ideally left implied; matters to be disregarded peacefully.

Once in a while it is better when things are left implied. Frequently throughout everyday life, we will in general talk excessively and too imprudently. Think before you hurt somebody and leave a few words implied when vital.

4. Saudade: (n.) the sensation of aching, despairing, or wistfulness.

This word is from the Portugeuse and Galician dialects and has no immediate interpretation in English. Nonetheless, it is as yet an intriguing word that advises us that occasionally it is OK to ache for the past. However long your head and heart are looking ahead, it is good to look to the past and recollect and grin (indecent Blink-182 attachment).

5. Kilig: (n.) the sensation of butterflies in one’s stomach.

This word comes from the Philippine culture. We as a whole know what this feels like, and presently we can really allude to it with a word. Never lose your feeling of fervor and never let dread keep you away from something that makes your stomach faint.

6. Namaste: (interjection) an aware hello.

Namaste is a Hindi word that has establishes in Sanskrit. With the ascent of yogi culture in the United States, I feel like we frequently hear and use “namaste” without completely understanding its importance (for instance, “Namaste in bed” truly has no connection to the word other than comedic angles). This signal mirrors the conviction that a Divine flash is inside us all and is a method of recognizing the spirit in the self by the spirit in another. Nama implies bow, as means I, and te implies you. In this way, Namaste signifies “bow me you” or “I bow to you.”

7. Orenda: (n.) an enchanted power present in all individuals that enables them to influence the world, or to impact change in their own lives.

Orenda is an Iroquois name for this profound force innate in all individuals (oʊrɛndə). You have interminable inward force. Recollect this and never feel pointless or insignificant.

8. Serein: (n.) fine downpour falling after dusk from a sky in which no mists are apparent.

With starting points in the French language, this word mirrors the sensation of evening tranquility that outcomes from the downpour that falls when no mists are available. I figure it ought to help us all to remember sensations of harmony.

9. Sunyata: (n.) vacancy; emptiness; transparency.

While this might seem like an exceptionally regrettable definition, this word has establishes in Sanskrit and is vital to the Buddhist religion. It is the genuine truth of every common presence (individuals, things, and oneself). Sunyata is simply the capacity to unravel the from connections and subsequently from being unsatisfied and frustrated. By not partner significant importance to specific individuals and things (acknowledging everything is liquid and as a general rule, void of the affiliations we give them), we delete the despondency that outcomes from elevated standards.

10. Marahuyo: (adj.) to be captivated.

Permit yourself to be cleared away by the excellence and charm of our general surroundings.

11. Hunger for something new: (n.) a powerful urge to travel.

This one might be the most mainstream on the rundown, yet I actually think it is a significant one. Experience is out there. Look constantly for it.

12. Bodhi: (n.) illumination; arousing.

Likewise a Sanskrit expression, this is a definitive satisfaction. To free the self of personality, the requirement for assets, and connections to different things, is a definitive method to accomplish arousing or satisfaction. Trust in yourself and the force that you have inside yourself and you can have the solidarity to pay attention to your heart and be the most joyful you can be.

Continuously keep on searching out new things and work towards the best you that you can be! Use language for magnificence, not for annihilation.

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