One‌ ‌Piece:‌ ‌Luffy’s‌ ‌Top‌ ‌5‌ ‌Closest‌ ‌Friends,‌ ‌Ranked‌ 

One‌ ‌Piece

Monkey D. Luffy’s adoration for his “nakama” is the main thrust behind his solidarity and achievement, beside his fantasy about turning into the Pirate King, obviously. In any case, without his group’s affection and backing, Luffy would not have gotten the extent that he has in his excursion to realize his life’s fantasy. 

The Straw Hat Pirates are something beyond a privateer group – they’re a family. Luffy set the vibe for the devotion and care his group should have for each other, and he exemplified this with every single one piece filler of their enlistments. Luffy has offered himself to save every single one of his group individuals from their own difficulties, and consequently they’re willing to battle similarly as hard for him. All things considered, the entirety of Luffy’s group mates are near him, however there are a couple of uncommon connections that stick out. 

At the point when Nami Finally Let Her Guard Down She Saw How Close She and Luffy Have Become 

She is their pilot, and without her Luffy’s privateer team would be lost adrift, in a real sense. In any case, she wasn’t generally the dependable yet carefree figure she is known to be today. Nami claimed to join Luffy’s team to fulfill an obligation that was keeping her family at serious risk. 

Nami was endeavoring to take care of her issues on her own when Luffy stepped in. She separated and requested his assistance, to which he answered “obviously I will!” while giving her his straw cap, which he never lets far away from him. Since that second, Nami has directed her companion towards his fantasy about turning out to be privateer lord. 

Robin Smiling 

Robin has one of the saddest histories found in One Piece arcs: after her old neighborhood was annihilated and her family butchered, she was left alone at eight years old. She spent the remainder of her youth running, as she had a bogus standing of being “Satan youngster” that needed to obliterate the world. She was distant from everyone else for a very long time until she made herself at home on board the Straw Hats’ boat secretly. 

At the point when Robin‘s grievous history was uncovered, the Straw Hats didn’t spare a moment to wander into the public authority controlled Enies Lobby to save her. Luffy needed Robin to esteem her own life, so before he took an action, he needed her to say she needed to live. In that wonderful second, Luffy let Robin realize she formally had a home.  

As the Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock is designed to despise all men. Nonetheless, when Luffy settled on a caring choice and forfeited his delivery from Amazon Lily to save three of the ladies that gave him grace on their island, it changed her impression of him. 

Her experiencing passionate feelings for Luffy turned into the beginning of their excellent kinship. Despite the fact that Luffy has communicated his lack of engagement in sentiment, they are totally faithful to one piece filler list another. 


Luffy is an admirer of food, and Sanji is an astonishing cook; it’s a kinship match made in paradise. In any case, their relationship goes past culinary expert and chief. The profundity of Luffy’s commitment was shown when Sanji got back to his family and attempted to cause Luffy to accept he not, at this point needed to be a piece of his group. After a deplorable fight between the two, Luffy showed the amount he really focused on Sanji by vowing not to eat anything until Sanji made him a supper. Luffy almost starved himself to death sitting tight for Sanji. They ultimately accommodated when Sanji uncovered that he was attempting to save him and the remainder of the Straw Hat team. Luffy’s readiness to starve in the downpour for his companion is a demonstration of the relationship they have. 

Zoro and Luffy 

Zoro is seen as the bad habit commander of the Straw Hats. He is apparently Luffy’s most steadfast crewmate. He has shown the most regard and devotion to Luffy by following his orders, announcing guarantees, and being the most vocal about Luffy accomplishing his fantasy about turning into the Pirate King. Zoro keeps everything under control of order among the team individuals and reliably attests that Luffy should be regarded as their chief. Zoro’s commitment provoked him to chance his life for Luffy by taking his agony. They share a profound and solid bond.  

Jinbe And Luffy Became Fast Close Friends 

Jinbe is a good privateer that showed prompt worship for Luffy after seeing him hazard everything to save his sibling, Ace. Their fellowship advanced rapidly with Jinbe saving Luffy and battling to secure him on a few events. He has given blood to Luffy and brought him back from an anxiety attack when he was prepared to surrender in the wake of losing his sibling. Despite the fact that Jinbe was at that point an individual from quite possibly the most dreaded privateer groups in the New World, the Big Mom Pirates, he made a guarantee to leave and join the Straw Hats, a guarantee he would before long keep. 

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