Easiest A-level Subjects

A-level Subjects

The pass to your happy future as an understudy is with A levels. There is no easy path to making higher grades in A-Level subjects in the event that you are not prepared to consume the 12 PM candle. Regardless of how easy the subject; you need to invest the exertion that will yield anticipated outcomes for you.

We shall take a glance at a portion of the easy A-Level subjects around, until further notice, to assist you with improving your GPA. On the off chance that you put in the exertion required; you are certain to achieve successful outcomes that you will be pleased with at the day’s end. Essayists for this site know without a doubt which subjects are easier to pass with good grades and share the rundown with you in the article beneath.


You may be amazed at our starting point. In spite of the fact that degree law is somewhat troublesome, with A-Level law, you will discover things easy. All that you need to dominate here is the right outlook that submits things to easy memory.

There are three papers included. You are at freedom to pick fascinating subjects of your decision. You won’t compose unlimited answers that will draw you as far as possible. It is all about numerous decision and short answer questions and that’s it.

Media studies

This is another subject that comes easy to understand. The rate of 100% achievement that was recorded in 2019 recounts the tale of how straightforward this subject can be. This is an enjoyable subject that will reward you with the most elevated grades on the off chance that you put in the endeavors that are wanted. This course is all about advertising, social media, and privacy issues.

The stats show that 30% of your work lies in making your very own media creation. It is quite easy to excel on tasks like that.

Health care

This is another easy subject that you can use to get to the top as far as higher grade margin. This is a BTEC that is equal to two A-levels. The enormous part of this subject is related to your practical placements as well as your work insight. What is expected to dominate in this course of study is to remain focused.

This is a 100% pass rate for this course and 70% of the understudies included come out with qualifications. It shows how easy this subject is in the event that you have the self control to go with it. They are as great as other A Level courses, nearly every college accepts BTECS.

Information technology

We are in the digital era and when you pick this subject, you are guaranteed a positive outcome from the word go. The greater part of the answers to the inquiries are taken into the exam hall. You will be addressed by the examiner on your works; nothing can be as easy as that. For this subject being referred to, 16% of your AS exams, and 24% of your A2 exam are all based on your coursework. You have the time in the entire world to do your coursework; the vast majority of your grades will be achieved before you start the exams.


It’s anything but conceivable to overlook this A Level subject on the rundown of subjects that can be passed no sweat. In spite of the fact that it is heavy substance work that expects understudies to submit some volume to memory; you can make a pathway for yourself by making your recordings. At the point when you take the situation of a news moderator and present the theme; you are all set!

The points that you will examine interface very well with each other and it is really easy to apply them to each other.

Film studies

What is needed to achieve the best out of this A Level subject is interest in how chiefs work on the motion pictures. You have to create interest in watching feature films. You need at least six of such to dominate in this subject. This is a pleasant subject and the reason why it is easy to make the best grades through the subject with little exertion.


Your perspectives on coursework versus exams will figure out what you will make out of this coursework. Those that hate the headache that accompanies exams will track down this subject an easy alternative to the difficult that accompanies composing exams.

This subject is tedious because you have to create a year-long portfolio. This is 60% of your marks and there are another 10 hrs of exam where you are relied upon to create something.


This is a subject that guarantees a 98.6% pass rate. In the event that we are to pass by research discoveries on understudy assessment on this A Level subject, the substance is viewed as narrow and it is fairly fascinating. Edexcel Geography has two exams: Physical and Human Geography. There is also a nonexamination appearance that includes the field data that you have gathered without anyone else.

The equations required as well as the graphs are quite straightforward. With little exertion with respect to the understudies, the outcomes that mattered will be achieved.


At the point when we are talking about the easiest A Level subjects, then, at that point we cannot overlook the drama. You don’t have a lot of hypothesis to drag yourself with. There is a massive 99.3% pass rate with this subject. All that you required is interest and a little responsibility; results will come your way.

Food studies

This is A-Level subject that includes a ton of practice tests and subsequently the consideration of it on our rundown. What you need to dominate here is the memorization of ideas that has to do with the processing, creation of food varieties, and food creation. You are all set on the off chance that you have its grasps.

Environmental science

At the point when this A Level subject is placed one next to the other with different subjects, it is seen that it is really easy to pass the subject when compared to what in particular obtains with different subjects. This is an intriguing subject that ganders at major problems of the day.

Final thoughts

The rundown of A-Level subjects above addresses the easiest among the alternatives that are online today. In the event that you can invest the little exertion that the subject requires, you are certain of achieving the best grades read more.

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