What is Scotland education system?


The training framework in Scotland is totally not the same as the remainder of the UK. It depends on the Curriculum for Excellence which covers training from 3-18 years of age.

When do kids begin school?

Youngsters in Scotland generally start elementary school in mid to late August when they are matured among four-and-a-half and five-and-a-half years old. Your youngster will be at elementary school for a very long time (p1-p7) prior to advancing to optional school around the age of 11/12.

What is the Curriculum for Excellence?

The Curriculum for Excellence – which all state schools follow – can show up wickedly muddled and has drawn in some analysis before. In any case, the general point is to give a lot more extensive instruction which trains a wide scope of subjects as well as furnishes your kid with other fundamental abilities past the standard maths formulae or verifiable raw numbers.

Does it prevail with regards to doing that? All things considered, most would agree not every person’s a fan, particularly showing staff who have borne the brunt of attempting to carry out it.

The Curriculum for Excellence is broken into two phases:

The Broad General Education

The Broad General Education (BGE) gives adjusted schooling from the early years (age 3) until the finish of S3 (age 13/14).

The BGE is separated into five educational plan levels (early, first, second, third and fourth) across eight educational program regions. These are:

expressive expressions

wellbeing and prosperity

dialects (counting English and current dialects)


strict and moral training


social examinations


The lone mandatory subject is religion.

Most students will advance through these stages at around a similar age, yet the educational plan is intended to be adaptable to make it available, for instance, to youngsters with exceptional necessities, and in this manner, every kid should advance at their own speed.

The senior stage

​The senior stage educational plan, from S4 to S6 (ages 15 to 18), follows on from the BGE. This is the place where understudies start to sit Scottish public capabilities (National 4-5, Highers and Advanced Highers) which are set by the Scottish Qualification Authority. Students sit tests as per their capacity yet Nat 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers are the lone tests to be remotely inspected so they are the genuine trendy expressions as far as getting your youngster into college (in spite of the fact that colleges don’t mull over Nat 5s similarly they take a gander at GCSEs).

Despite the fact that Highers are your identification into college, more students are currently remaining on to sit Advanced Highers in 6th year. Normally understudies may sit up to three Advanced Highers. (These are identical to first year of numerous college courses and are viewed as an amazing establishing for advanced education.)

Know that schools have the opportunity to bring to the table the senior stage in a scope of various ways ie offering various subjects over various timescales. The Scottish Qualification Authority doesn’t determine the quantity of capabilities that schools ought to convey. The reasoning these days is that what is important is the number of capabilities a youngster has when they leave school, not what they have toward the finish of a specific year or what amount of time they by and by require to accomplish them.

Picking a Scottish school

Which school your youngster goes to relies upon the ‘catchment region’ where you reside. You can apply for an arrangement demand in the event that you need your kid to go to a school outside your catchment region and a board will choose if your youngster is the ‘most commendable’ out of all putting demands.

Kinds of school

By far most of schools are controlled by the neighborhood specialists and are called primaries and institutes or secondary schools.

Exceptional schools

There are various unique schools in Scotland which for the most part manage youngsters who have unmistakable or serious extra help needs. Few kids in uncommon schools go to on a private premise so they can get full-time care.

Some exceptional schools are autonomously run, for instance by good cause. The schooling authority may pay for a kid to go to one of these.

Denominational schools

A few schools in Scotland are related with a strict group. These schools are given by the training authority. In the event that you might want your youngster to go to one of these schools, you can make an uncommon setting demand. The schools are run similarly as other instruction authority schools, however they may save uncommon time for strict administrations.

Gaelic instruction

In the event that you need your youngster to learn Gaelic, you should contact your schooling position to see whether it is instructed around there, albeit this is bound to be accessible in the Highlands or islands.

Free schools

There are various private or free schools, both day and boarding, all through Scotland. They are for the most part recorded on the Register of Independent Schools and are observed by the Scottish Education Department.

A portion of these schools follow the English framework and study towards GCSEs rather than National 4/5s and towards A levels rather than (or close by) Highers and Advanced Highers. The International Baccalaureate has likewise been presented in some free schools.

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